I'm a bit of a geek, with a keen interest in how technology is evolving to assist our lives, and invent new capabilities that were previously too expensive or time-consuming before.  I love data, playing with it and working out ways to analyse it.

Picture of Andy

For fun, I like to exercise and keep myself fit, historically by playing tennis and five-a-side football.  Nowadays that's moved onto a keen interest in cycling, and more recently running, with my long-term girlfriend Karly.  You can see many of my activities over on my Strava Profile.

Most of my blogging was done in the mid 00's - with stories related to technologies that I was just discovering, and discussions regarding open source, linux and ubuntu.

I now work myself, setting up Lockran in December 2015 to provide technical consultancy.  It is be a very fulfilling role, especially with my background in open source and open standards, I'm always on the lookout to help provide the best value for my clients by leveraging those principles.

If you want to get in touch for any reason, please contact me below, or at andy at zrmt dot com, or on social media using @andylockran on most popular sites.