I just did something very stupid. Again.

It’s been 12 months and in that time I’ve run 25km. Well almost 12 months and almost 25km. The good news is that over half of that has been in the last three weeks.

I am definitely not the best person at forming good habits; but I do know how to form the bad ones. Over the past 12 months I’ve definitely improved in a number of areas, (vices that I do not wish to share with the general internet,) but there is definitely more work to be done. Of the things I set out to achieve in the last 12 months was:

I can hand on heart say I’ve fulfilled the last one. I’m not making myself run because I don’t like who I am; but because I want to improve myself.

The last 12 months has taught me much about myself; namely that I’ve often felt the need to feel ‘liked’ ahead of the value of being respected. Whilst I don’t always get that right (who does!) - it’s really helped harden me to make some ‘correct’ decisions, ahead of what I may have felt was ‘right’ before. That said; not following my plan to commit to my runs, rides & blogs is definitely a black mark in that box.

The second part, for me at least, is about having a target aligned with my identity. The half-ironman was a fun one because that was “stupid idea - persistence will get you over it” - from platform whereby I figured I’d half a chance at getting there. For me, some of my youthful silliness is starting to drop away in favour of wisdom and reality-checks. I’m not marathon fit; I am restricted on time because I place too much of a priority on my work, and I need to better balance out across my life areas without dropping the ball.

So; what targets to I need to set myself for the next 12 months to make this meaningful:

1) Blogging - I used to have an audience :p - I guess this one can switch back to what I do with my technical team at work. We’ll see. 2) Running - I do this primarily for fitness and weight. One man cannot have two masters; so I need to just “do it” without consequence - get in the schedule and keep the legs pumping. 3) Cycling - I do this because it’s the best way to see parts of the world; and I had a good group of buddies to ride with. I need to re-find my love of it. The commuting side is to save on transport $s - so should probably refocus some effort there too! 4) On it!