I just did something very stupid.

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Well, perhaps not. I’ve been meaning to try and find a new way to motivate myself to both get back on the bike at a higher frequency, and also to get back into the running game. I even bought myself some new running shoes from the NYC Marathon Shop when I was in NYC last week.

I’ve always had a mixed relationship with running. I first started running ‘properly’ when I was helping someone else complete the Couch to 5K programme, 5 years ago. I didn’t expect that it would have such a positive impact on both my physical and mental health, and lead me to complete both a full marathon and half-ironman in 2016.

Unfortunately my run wasn’t entirely injury-free. During the training for the marathon I failed to get into a consistent and habit-led schedule of running; often motivating myself as a ‘last resort’ and heading for a run out of necessity to survive the marathon, rather than because I enjoyed the training. I often trained from cold, failing to warm up or down, and pushing my body harder than it was prepared to go. That led to ITB issues that manifested themselves during training, but most clearly at mile 13 of the London Marathon.

Marathon Pace (Veloviewer)

I found it ‘easy’ to follow the requisite rest & relaxation schedule - but not so much to get back into the training once I’d rested it up. I rescued my summer by completing the London Triatholon (Olympic) with three weeks ‘training’ in preparation for the Chantilly half-ironman, also a further three weeks later. It was an intense six weeks (especially learning to swim in open water) - but ultimately enjoyable with a respectable finish time of 3.00.06 and 6.20.23 each.

I’ve not been completely lazy in the intervening years. I completed the DragonRide earlier this year (230km and 3500m of climbing) in just over 6 hours, and I’m sure I did something in 2017…

My plan for the winter is to get back into shape so I can hit 2019 running. I have no excuse for my BMI being over 25 - I eat too much, drink too much, and fail to set aside time for exercise or good sleep. I need to prioritise keeping myself fit and healthy. Life comes at you fast, and I’m often humbled to meet people who are facing down invisible challenges in order to achieve things that I have begun to take for granted.

So good luck for the winter. Good luck for your own goals and getting into shape, and I’ll see you on the trails/roads next year.