I'm back running, and after my scare from last week where I had to halt my run on 10 miles with a bad knee, I'm now good.

I was worried when I got to the ten mile mark, but passed straight through without issue; in fact my leg actually felt completely pain-free for the first time since October.  It was a lovely feeling.

I've been doing hip-flexor exercises all week, and rolling my ITB to try and loosen thing up - and it's worked well.

I had to give my leg a rest this week, so apart from cycling I've not done any short runs.  I expect this next week to have a couple of commute runs to work, and will finish it off with an 18 mile run next Sunday - the pinnacle of my training and two miles short from where I'd really like to be.  However, I think it's fair that I amend my plan to match my situation.  If I'd had fewer injuries I'd probably have done more - but back look put paid to that!

Excited, happy and a starting to get a little nervous.  Please sponsor us at www.justgiving.com/dfsg4 if  you can spare some cash for this good cause!

Thank you.