Nobody tells you that after not running for quite some time you start to feel guilty. It's horrible when logging into Strava only to see other people's exercise. However, it does mean when you pick it up again you get the feeling of 'Strava-Love' all over again.

I've definitely run a lot less than I thought I would have done at this stage of the plan, but I'm pleased that I'm back up at a distance I think is acceptable. I did a half marathon in training, two weeks ago, and then last weekend I ended up doing more cycling than running - but still squeezed in a 5 mile run. That was long for me at this time last year, so things are picking up.

I'm in for the Colchester half marathon this weekend, and it'll be good to do a race where Karly's family can come and shout some support. I'm disappointed that I won't be gunning for a personal best, but I want to really focus on getting the miles in my legs so I'm ready for the London Marathon - it's now only 6 weeks away.

The plan is to get a load of smaller runs done during the week, with a few running commutes for the next 4 weeks. I've also got my 30th birthday next weekend, so heading out early on the Saturday morning for a long run. I'm not sure when to stop the alcoholic beverages (initial plan was to not drink in my 30s until I've run a marathon - but given the risk of injury and missing this year's marathon, that's no longer a pledge I wish to take!)

Anyhow - early night before the run tomorrow. 9 am start.