[caption id="attachment_1889" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Thanks to Louis Sattherwaite for the photos. Thanks to Louis Sattherwaite for the photo![/caption]

Back in July my girlfriend Karly managed to convince the whole family to head into Solihull to complete the Brueton #Parkrun.  She and I have been to a few #parkruns and wanted to get the rest of the family to come along and get engaged with the phenomenon.  Quite a lot of us did, and we even took my littlest bro Charlie along to the Dulwich #Parkrun when he was in London the week later.

What better way to start 2016 than with the NYD #Parkrun special.  For those of you unfamiliar, over the Christmas period there are a few extra parkruns put on by the volunteers on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, some of which are deliberately staggered (so you can complete two in the same day!).  We didn't go for the 'two in a day' option, but still had a cracking #parkrun with six of us taking part.

I wanted to start the year on a positive, so pushed myself pretty hard to get my new #parkrun PB of 22.38 (although on a slightly shortened course due to ice issues).  In recent fashion I also managed to finish with a slight injury - pain on the outside of my right knee.  It was worse when walking down stairs at home, so I applied a bag of peas and made sure to stretch my upper leg with some hamstring and quad stretches and rolling the outside.


Happy New Year!