I've been sleeping pretty badly recently, so thought last night would be a good opportunity to be productive and start work on a new idea I've had for a new site/webApp/mobileApp.

It's taken a bit of a while to get off the ground, as I wasn't sure what the best technology would be to write it. I tried a few times kicking off with yeoman.io, but quickly realised it was worth starting with the backend of the system before doing the pretty frontend.

Yeoman is a great system, and I've learned alot; I even played around with AngularJS 2.0 before deciding it best to 'stick to what I know.'

After a conversation with our recruitment manager at work (of all people!) I was introduced to wagtail, a django-based CMS. As I'd already built a PO system on Django (albeit in the pre v1 era) I figured it'd be a good system to build on, and the app integration would work well with the django-rest-framework at a later date.

The final step was to work out how to develop it.  VirtualEnv is a cool little system for python that helps keep all the dependencies locked in with the project; a bit like composer.json and package.json for php and nodeJS respectively.  I then discovered that Heroku would offer free hosting for 18 hours a day for the project, and seemed to be a neat system for dealing with scalability and database .etc.

In my first couple of hours I managed to get a site up and running, and am really impressed with the Wagtail CMS.  Having the familiarity with Django under the hood is also awesome, as setting up Strava  OAuth API Authentication was an absolute breeze.  I can't wait to get stuck in and get this project off the ground.