So the good news that came through my letterbox on Friday is that I now have a balloted place in the London Marathon 2016. I only started running a few years ago with Karly and I both doing the wonderful Couch25K programme by the NHS. That's not to say that before I was a couch potato, but that I hadn't found a way to 'get into' these longer runs.

[caption id="attachment_1768" align="aligncenter" width="300"]I'm in the marathon I'm in the marathon[/caption]

Well thanks to #C25K, Karly is now a regular runner, and has completed a half marathon already, whilst my longest 'competitive' distance has been a couple of 10k races. The good news is that we've both been training for a half marathon for two weeks time, so our base level of fitness should mean the marathon doesn't present an insurmountable challenge.

Karly and I had a pact, that if one of us gets in then both of us would fundraise for the other entering via a charity entry. There are so many worthy causes that we could run for, but until we can get a place locked in we'll just focus on our training.

I'll try and keep up writing about the training experience, and will attempt at using technology to keep us motivated. Karly's already got the forerunner 225 - and my 920XT is now on order.