I've been playing with a little side-project over the last couple of days, and wanted to try and enable office365 login for a third party site. Does Office365 offer OAuth services?

If they don't - it does look like a little project I might pickup myself to write the appropriate backend to tie in with python-social-auth.

EDIT: It looks like Office365 requires you log in with a (paid) dev account and hit: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/exchangedev/archive/2014/03/25/using-oauth2-to-access-calendar-contact-and-mail-api-in-exchange-online-in-office-365.aspx

The process looks the same as the LiveOAuth2 backend, so that is possibly 99% of the way towards implementing Office365 connectivity also.  Hopefully will be able to register a dev account tomorrow and check this out.