Well it seems like 2013 gave me a little hiatus from blogging - it wasn't planned but so many of the projects I was working on were about implementing previous knowledge, not pushing the boat out and learning new things.  In hindsight, I realise that is a big mistake, as well as a bit of an untruth - as pretty much every configuration I've touched has improved in some way.

2014 is going to bring with it its own challenges, and I hope to keep as many of them catalogued as possible.  2013 brought me into the world of Rackspace - on both their co-location and cloud services - and I've found them  'fanatical' about everything, just as they claim.

I've also started picking up some AngularJS and using Yeoman for my scaffolding.  I hope to learn a CSS tool, such as Compass/LESS/SASS and use a templating language such as jade.  I'm also going to kill the blog at www.andyloughran.co.uk and bring it back here.  There's no point in separating my personal and technical blogs, I'll just make sure I tag them properly on here so people can read what they choose.

Welcome back, and I wish all of you a prosperous 2014.