The Galaxy Note 2 - the latest smartphone / tablet from Samsung - is without a doubt the finest phone I’ve ever used. For some the size and included stylus are a little off putting but for me it’s the ideal step up from my Galaxy S2.

The Galaxy S2 was a really slim and attractive phone and despite the increase in size this is a tradition the Note 2 continues in style. In order to protect my S2 I went for a large two layer case comprised of a rubber inner layer and a hardened plastic shell; this worked wonders and to this day it hasn’t sustained any major damage. However this added protection really added to the overall size of the phone and made it quite bulky to hold.

With my Note 2 I was offered a different and more innovative choice; a Tech 21 Impact Snap case from Mobile Fun. What sets this unusually thin hard plastic case apart is the progression from a thick layer of rubber or silicone to thin orange strips of a smart substance called D3O. These line the inside edges of the case and whilst they feel soft to the touch, on impact the material hardens to absorb the force that would otherwise be transferred to the handset.

The case fits tightly and has cutouts where required, including a generous opening for Samsung’s S-Pen stylus which I found actually helped me remove it from the phone more easily. There is also a slight lip over the front of the phone which ensures that should the phone land face down the screen will not directly impact the ground..

If I were to suggest a way of improving the protection offered by the Tech 21 Impact Snap case it would be by pairing it with a Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector just to keep that 5.5" screen safe and scratch free.