I've worked in a new role for nearly two months now, as a Project Manager for Score Communications.  It's been a very relaxing transition from my earlier more technical roles.

I'm really enjoying working with a great new team, and the support and help they've given me so far as I settle into the new role.  The challenge I face is how to make my mark on the company without adding 'red tape' to their development work.  I know all too well that having to fill in too many forms and statuses can make the job of administering/developing very tedious.  The key part is capturing project timescales, rather than developer timekeeping.

The next few months will be incredibly challenging, but hopefully even more enjoyable.  I look forward to sharing a bit more information about our 'stack' and what tools we're using in the future; I also hope to get feedback from the people reading this blog about what they use.  We're playing around a bit with Agile Methodology, whilst trying to transition from the existing methods.

I'm also hoping to use the blog a bit more - much of my time over the last few years focused on my online presence on Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook - a much lazier approach to 'Social' Media.  I'm also hoping to kick off a few side-projects and keep my technical skills up to date.