So it's come to decision time - I'm giving my current Galaxy S phone to my little sister (so she can tether away to her hearts' content). This leaves me with a dilema; what phone should I upgrade to?

Though I have recently purchased an Apple MacBook Pro, I am not yet ready to sign my entire technology stack off to them, and I've been really happy with my Android devices over the past 18 months. I'm loving the synchronisation between my gmail account and my phone, and it's a really slick platform that I think is going to get better and better.

So all I need now is a Samsung Galaxy S2 case, and then I'm away.

I'm not sure anyone else would suggest going for the iPhone 4S - it just looks like too much - the tariff will be 33% more if I go for that, and with a 24 month contract, it'll be out of date and crippled come the end of it.

Is there any new phone to be released that I'm missing?