I know I recently blogged about joining Mobile Fun, and of course there are some perks to the job, like being able to get all the latest feedback on the good and bad gadgets out there.

One phone accessory that I've been putting off purchasing has been a car holder for my phone. I go through phones like most people go through underwear, and never have I managed to find myself a phone holder that it suited for all the phones I tend to use. Since starting at Mobile Fun 6 weeks ago I've already been through three.

So I got pointed towards the Clingo Universal in Car Holder with free Clingo desk stand. It looks interesting to say the least, though I was uncertain just how 'sticky' it would be once I'd put it through it's paces.

The advantage of this set, is that it comes with both the car-arm holder and also the desk stand - which is essentially just a little pocket-mirror sized device with the 'Clingo' technology on either pad. The interesting thing about this is that I would be able to use the car arm charger sensitively, whilst putting the desk stand through it's paces.

Well, be under no illusion - the stickyness does fade. Whilst the car arm was still holding my phone very tightly, the days spent in my lint-filled pockets and on 'dusty' desks took its toll on my desk stand; getting into work this morning and the phone just slipped right off.

Unperturbed, I pulled out the instruction manual, to find that in order to 'restore the clingyness' of the Clingo, all I had to do was wash it with a little water. I therefore made off to the toilet, and using the handbasin rubbed the Clingo material under a steady stream of water. The water cleaned it up lovely - and whilst still wet, I let it to dry on my desk.

Ten or so minutes later, the water had evaporated, so I ventured to attempt attaching my phone to the device. WOW. It was as good as new, despite having been abused massively by me during the previous week. It's definitely a company that I would buy from again, with the sole disclaimer that if you're planning to keep your phone in a silicon cover - this device will not attach to that, but with something like the iPhone 4, with it's silicone 'bumper' - this device is a definite improvement on any third party 'car holder' device you may currently be struggling with.