It's one of those posts that I've been hesitant to write for quite some time; mainly due to the fear of not having enough knowledge at the time of writing leading to an inability to do justice to the subject.

One of the guys who keeps my twitter feed turning over is Daren Forsyth (@DarenBBC), who is currently the Marketing and Communications Director for the Organisation Tag International Development(@tagdevelopment).   Their aim is to 'design a better world,' by using specialist people in specialist areas - by coordinating and funding that work.

Over the last few months, Daren has been tweeting about one such project based in Sri Lanka (@TAGSriLanka).  The aim of the project is to get used Android phones into the hands of Sri Lankans.  TAG are looking for donations of Android Phones, Solar Chargers, and also monetary donations, in order to develop the cellular network in the region.

Earlier today I can across a post on the TAG ID blog. Read it here. It discussed how through Art Therapy and Religion, communities can be rebuilt following 30 years of Civil War.  It should be of no surprise to see what aid givers can learn by giving people to tools to express themselves when there is a language barrier.

It's interesting that the lack of electricity being a number one threat to the rural community - not because it's seen as a convenience - but due to it's role in elephant control.  When i visited the small village near Anaikatti in  Kerala, they had a problem with elephants trampling houses and destroying crops at night time, and whereas villages down the mountain had electricity to power their electric fence - they didn't.

TAG Development will no doubt have similar problems to face in Sri Lanka, but the main reason for the post is to advertise their efforts to collect Android Phones in order to get them into the hands of the people of Sri Lanka.  As there are also a fair few programmer-types that read this blog, it may also be an idea to discuss possible uses for Android Handsets, and application ideas and development to suit the project.  If you have any thoughts, ideas and suggestions, please either comment on the blog below, or find @DarenBBC and @TagSriLanka on Twitter.