In Kerala, I visted a village high up in the mountains that was disconnected from the main electricity grid. It was, however, connected to a smaller local grid. This grid though was smaller and suffered loss of power most days, and rarely lasted the whole summer.  This is mainly due to Kerala's reliance on hydro-electric power, and with smaller monsoon rains, coupled with population increase draining the reservoirs faster, the situation is unlikely to improve without developing other means of electricity generation.

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The really ironic thing about it all, is that Kerala State are introducing new methods.  They've erected massive wind turbines across the local landscape, and one right next to the village.  The unfortunate thing about this, is that in order for the electricity harvested by the wind farm to be useful to the local community, it would require a substation.  This substation is situated a few miles away down the valley, and the electricity produced by this turbine allegedly isn't connected to the same grid that the village are on.