The following article will explain how to setup the transactor_paypal plugin to allow Paypal payments to be made using the tt_products typo3 extension.

The first step is to buy and install the transactor_paypal plugin from Once you've done that it's time to setup the test Paypal Accounts.


Paypal's developer network has moved to You need to setup a buyer account (with funds) and a seller account.


The following additions need to be made to the Template setup for the Shop. Firstly, setup a Templates Sysfolder for the Shop. Add ane extension template to that Sysfolder and name it 'Paypal.' To the 'Setup' field add the folllowing code:

lib.transactor_paypal {
   extName = transactor_paypal
   extWww =
   extTitle = PayPal Website Payments Standard
   extInfo = PayPal enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely, 
conveniently, and cost-effectively send and receive payments online. extImage = EXT:transactor_paypal/res/paypal_euro.gif gatewaymode = form formActionURI > paymentMethod = paypal_webpayment_euro currency = EUR templateFile = EXT:transactor/template/transactor.tmpl useBasket = 1 conf { } }

Once that has been installed, you can then edit the config of the main root template for your shop.


plugin.tt_products.paymentActivity = verify


plugin.tt_products {

  payment >
  payment {
  90.title = Paypal Gateway
  90.handleLib = transactor
  90.handleLib < lib.transactor_paypal
  90.image.file = EXT:transactor_paypal/res/paypal_euro.gif

Also, in the Includes tab, under 'Basis' templates, add the Paypal Template from your Templates SysFolder.

Edit products.tmpl

On the Filesystem, you also need to edit your products template. Add the


inside the subpart


Empty your cache, reload your site – and test it all out.

You may need to play with your templates to get things appearing as you wish, but that should be mostly there.