It's been a strange last few weeks - I've been working my little socks off (which is a good thing) and am finding time to go running in preparation for my 10k this Sunday.  What I haven't found time for is sitting down and relaxing; thinking things through, and deciding on the direction I want to go - rather than continue to just go the direction things are taking me.

I've been interested in volunteering for quite a while, and upon discovering what is included when volunteering for VSO, it looks like a very good option.  However, deciding whether now or later is the best time to do things is proving tough.  I initially thought that in 6 months time I'd be ready for the challenge, but part of me things I need to overcome the challenges I currently face, before embarking on new ones.

One of the things that I want to tackle is helping out with a couple of small IT projects.  They're not expected to take up masses of my time, nor earn me much money - but hopefully the experiences will keep me informed of where my strenghts/limits are.  I'm also trying to find some sponsorship for Birmingham and Solihull Rugby Club in my spare time - so if you're in the Birmingham Area, and want to know what it's all about - do get in touch.