In what has been a bit of a different step for me, I've decided to move over to having a more 'site-orientated' presence, rather than my previous blog engine.  Though the idea seems like a fairly trivial one; I feel as though bashing out blog post after blog post is not the best way for me to present myself on the internet.  The blog should be part of something bigger - and so here it is - hidden away behind an 'Articles' menu on the new look site.

One of the things that's changed over the few years that I've had a consistent web presence, is that my focus of interaction keeps switching.  One time it was blogs, now it's twitter, and I'm sure something else with succeed that in the future.  I'm hoping that this site can act as the anchor to hold it all together.  Only time will tell.

One of the things I'd like to bring attention to is my new 'IT/Work' page - on there you'll discover a bit more about me, and a fantastic list of sites that have come to life over the previous few months.   Feedback is always welcome, but some of them may be providing services in your local area - do check them out.

Thanks, and enjoy the new site.