In line with my attempts at trying to be more proactive and putting a bit of pressure on myself, I was asked by a friend whether I'd join him in doing a 10K run at Heaton Park on the 1st October.

Initially I put it off - I'm more of the cycling type than the running type. However, I did do a bit of running in India and quite enjoyed it, and setting myself a target would probably be a good thing to do, were I not to immediately give in at the nearest opportunity.

Therefore I'm going to make a public commitment to run this 10K. It would be good to have a few people comment to know that I've got people pressuring me into doing this.

I'd also like to listen to suggestions for fundraising.

I'm going to be as open as possible, so will post workouts on the web too. is where I've uploaded my cycling workouts in the past, so I hope to be able to provide an RSS feed for people to track my workouts too.

Crazy Stuff.

edit: is where to view my workouts.