It's an interesting phrase; some people are bound to recognise it - other maybe not.

It's quite easy to get into a habit of making sure you're in a safe place. Take no risks, turn up and work 9-5 and do 'fun' stuff at the weekend. It's a way of life that many people subscribe to, and becomes more appealing the older one gets - especially when caring for one's family becomes the number one priority.

Luckily for me, I'm a long way off that. I've still got all the freedom and choices ahead of me as regards responsibility. However, living with practically no responsibility has its drawbacks. If I want to go and do something spontaneous, I've got little to hold me back; conversely, if I don't do anything then there's no one there to spur me on or challenge me.

These last few months have been a bit of a 'breather' for me. I've been in the normal work-life cycle and am generally happy with my performance. Work hard, play hard would be the most recognisable mantra for the period. It's got to a stage though where I need to perk up again. Life is all about making sacrifices in order to achieve things, and for the last few months I've not had much sacrificing to do.

There would be some kind of point in announcing this as the new beginning and stating my claims as to what I'm going to do - but if it's one thing that I've learnt over the past few years - only talk about achievements in the past tense - talk about them in the future tense and they're worth nothing. So the announcement is that I've started already, and watch this space for future developments.