Sometimes it isn't easy. It can challenge the beliefs you have, and it can make you feel very uncomfortable when you view the world through other peoples eyes. However, it is immensely beneficial for identifying the politics that most strongly define you.

I've been throwing up a bit of rhetoric over the past few weeks and discussing it with different friends to see their opinions. It's all to do with the welfare state and tax, and the extent to which cutting it, or not cutting it is down to political leaning.

As I've found out over the past few weeks, there are arguments for both cutting it and not, from both sides of the argument - with each person bringing a very different perspective that appeared very much at odds with my prejudiced views.

It makes me feel much better that I voted for someone with whom I'd don't agree with 100% of the time, but acts with integrity. I don't think there's anyone in power that I would agree with 100% of the time, therefore the best I can hope for is someone who has a reasoned and sound argument for that course of action.

I've not had much time to look at the budget, and nor do I expect to cover it in this blog - but could you identify parts of the budget that despite appearing to be typical 'Tory' would probably have been implemented the same by 'Labour' - but for different reasons?