Well here's hoping that the Birmingham & Solihull Rugby Club can pull off their 'Great Escape.'

Starting this Saturday, Birmingham and Solihull will play in a mini-league of 4 teams - with the team coming bottom relegated from the second tier of English Rugby.
The task has been made more difficult by Bees starting the playoffs on -2 points, due to the fielding of an illegible player at Clifton Lane, against Rotherham at the start of the year.
Bees have yet to win this season, but with a load of new faces brought in before the Transfer Deadline on the 16th January, the team lining up in the playoffs will be 'buzzing' to save the club from the threat of relegation.
The first game on Saturday 20th March is against Moseley @ Sharman's Cross Road.  The last time the two sides faced each other, at Billesley Common, Moseley walked away 25-24 victors.  With the home advantage, this could be Bees' chance to record their first win of the season.  Here's hoping.
Unfortunately I'm no longer in Birmingham, so won't get to see all of the games at SXR - though I should make the away trip to Rotherham.
Good Luck Bees!