It's difficult to have a sincere argument about software freedom, because all to often the two parties take it to either extreme.

Software freedom is more than "Let's see if the big bad apple does come and gobble up all our freedom." Software freedom is allowing progress and innovation to replace the garden-walled economies that have kept the people currently in power, in power.

The Music industry is a prime example of an economy that hasn't moved with the times, and has today managed to force legislation through parliament, explicitly requesting that MPs don't debate the bill too much, whilst conceding the fact that if they didn't let the MPs debate it a little it'd get thrown out.[see link at the end of comment]

THAT is the effect of a lack of freedom, and ironically this article has managed to avoid it. Visible evidence that a bill has been approved in the UK, NOT by the people that voted for the government, but by the corporations behind the government protecting their self-interest.

This is what I'd hope a technology correspondent to be covering - rather than constantly bigging up the "next big thing."