Six months ago I moved one of the domains I host over to Google Apps. I'd heard good things about it, and it seemed a sensible move from their current setup of a shared gmail account.

Despite a first few headaches, things started picking up - but now another problem has reared it's head.

I have the user [email protected] - and I want to also send from [email protected] - this is pretty easy to setup - just add a nickname in the admin panel and that's the equivalent of another email alias. I'm currently receiving emails fine on both. However, when I want to send an email from the full name - it gets sent with the horrible addendum (on behalf of [email protected]) - evidently to remove this I'd have to setup my own smtp server for the domain on another server. Since Google are already providing the smtp services for that domain, this seems a moot point.

Is there a way round it other than having to pay for the premium edition?