This song is one that I've always enjoyed listening to, but as it came on the radio last night on my way home from Nottingham, it really struck a chord with me.

In a recent walk down Millbank and over Waterloo bridge, the thing that really hit me about being back in the UK was how much it has changed since I was younger. I remember a visit to the Houses of Parliament at school, and the seeing the beautiful seat of the British Parliament. The guide reiterated the fact that it's called the House of Commons, because it's full of commoners - people like you and me, and that the Queen is not allowed to enter.

Walking past the Houses of Parliament on the 7th December, what struck me was the security surrounding the place. Whilst I agree that the people running the country need adequate protection in order to operate, I also lament the fact that two foot concrete blocks (albeit now fronted with black plastic) are a very visual and political barrier to the House of Commons. If terrorists have infiltrated London enough to drive round a truck full of explosives, why is it that the Houses of Parliament should have such extra protection as compared to other public or private buildings?

I should imagine it would be a step too far for the major political parties - but let's think about removing these barriers and getting back to the freedoms that we enjoyed before the start of the last decade.

All that the Christmas Day attacks proved is that no matter how high we try and make our security, someone is always going to get through. Therefore the sensible thing to do is to have adequate levels of security, and give people their freedom back. I'd rather live as a free man with the risk of being killed by a terrorist, than have my life massively restricted only for the sake of a small reduction in that risk.