One of the things that I'm really happy to do is develop simple websites using Open Source Content Management Systems, which enable other people to do most of the leg-work in keeping a site up to date. Thanks to the development in this area, and the separation of roles between coders and content providers - managing a website is no longer a massively technical operation.

However, there are certain nuances and idiosyncrasies that need ironing out day after day. Sometimes it can be something that was mis-coded but hidden during the initial development of the site, or it can be that the content provider would like to do something a little more 'clever' with their content publishing.

In the past I've used drupal, joomla and typo3 as a Content Management System to power websites that I've coded myself. However, despite all the functionality that they offer, I've given up on using them. Over the last few months I've started using TangoCMS, and have been extremely happy with it's performance, and the way in which it can be modified. I find the template system that it uses to be nice and simple, yet powerful enough to do more advanced things with. I don't have to know the CMS inside out in order to output pretty webpages, but as I continue to develop sites with it, I'm getting more interested in actually hacking the backend.

There are quite a few things that I would like improved, and many of them are already listed on the features list. I'm looking forward to the integration of ckeditor, rather than TinyMCE - though it has served me well these past few years. However, the most exciting part for me is being able to help influence the direction of the project. There aren't many in the #tangocms community, but those that are there are friendly and willing to listen.

So really, this is just a thankyou to the guys at TangoCMS, and I look forward to working with you over the coming months.