Though I sat down to start to reflect upon the last few months, it's pretty difficult to work out what to say. I think the hardest part is that so much of life runs in a grey area - yet we love to paint things as black and white. I'll try and be less abstract, and get more to the point as the posts continue.

On Friday night, I watched "The Legend of Bhagat Singh." I'd previously watched, and blogged about, Rang De Basanti - and as that references Bhagat Singh, it seemed sensible to learn a bit more.

There's a bit of a paradox coming up here, which is unfortunate, but only goes to further the point. The massacre at Jallianwala Bagh is one of those horrible parts of our history that until fairly recently, I was completely unaware of. It saddens me to know that someone in British command was able to give the orders to shoot unarmed civilians. The paradox is that I believe that we should be educated more in Britain on such events. Perhaps knowing the capabilities of our history more vividly would help prevent us making the same decisions again and again.

I don't think I'll ever come close to understanding the feelings of those on which Britain as a country have imposed their rule, as there are many that would still support the British position, despite such atrocities. I'll probably always have a British Passport, and British Citizenship and all the benefits that come with it. I just hope that rather than look into ways of advancing British Society post-depression, that we also look at ways in which we can constructively try and help other nations move forward.

In the past, people only looked out for their villages, then towns, then counties, then countries. However, that was mainly due to a common enemy of another village, another county, or another country. I hope that despite us probably not coming against the threat of another global community, we can work as a global community.