Since I've been back two weeks already, it's probably time to let the world know I'm back in the UK, after an enjoyable and challenging stint out in India.

My time out in India was an absolutely brilliant learning experience, and it tested me to my limits. It's such a fascinating and brilliant country, in which you bombarded on all fronts. I got to see both the beautiful side, and the not-so-beautiful side - and though I wished I could have stayed out there longer, I concede it would have been for selfish motives.

Since getting back, I've been ultra busy. I've stepped right back into my old job doing Systems Administration. It may not be the most logical of steps after seeing the potential for working in a more 'humanitarian' field - however, it's a job that I feel as though I can manage - and hopefully it'll continue to provide me with the growth and experience that I achieved over the years I spent in the same job before heading off to India.

For the time being, I'm going to be hanging about mostly in Birmingham, with trips aplenty to Nottingham and Manchester. I'm sure that the arrangements may change over the coming weeks, but I should imaging it'll be these three cities I spend most time in, with the occasional sojourn down to London.

I hope I won't be letting anyone down as I re-adjust the balance of the scales between voluntary work and making a living - but there's just not enough hours in the day for me to help as many people as I would - no matter how deserving I know they are.

So, in conclusion, thanks for having me back. Thanks to all those who've welcomed me back with open arms and shown me how much you care. It's great to have that, though I massively miss the great friends I made out in India too.