Now that I've had time to watch Question Time (albeit just the first 45 minutes), I can make an informed opinion regarding the goings on with Nick Griffin. Sorry for the belated post.

Despite the first question prompting a very emotional atmosphere within the studio, I think that Nick Griffin's claim that it was just a 'bash the BNP' session is wrong.  Sure, there was a pretty negative view of the BNP, but that's because the majority of people find their views abhorrent, therefore it's right that this should echo in what is viewed.

I think the best bit of the programme was the confrontation between Jack Straw and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi.  Unfortunately Baroness Warsi hit the nail on the head and with help from the guy on the front row really stuck it to Jack Straw as to why some people in the UK voted BNP. No matter what 'systems' the Labour government has in place to deal with it, many people are still unhappy.  It was nice to see the Baroness come up with some clear movement on addressing that issue, rather than sweep it under the carpet and carry on.  I don't claim that I support the policy, but rather I support the fact that a political party are finally presenting an alternative to the current state of play, when up til now it appeared as though there wasn't any other option (other than the BNP).

I have seen the video mentioned on Question Time regarding Nick Griffin and the former Klu Klux Klan leader, and it scared me to the core.  It's exactly coverage like this which will wake people up to the true vision of the BNP, and hopefully prevent it from ever gaining further traction in the UK.  Hopefully more people will have watched this video now, and be able to provide an informed opinion when voting.

A nice little interlude between Question Time being broadcast and me getting around to watching it was a little bit of ideological sparring with Councillor Terry Kelly, Lab.  I happened upon a post by him and I think this man provides a very honest and calculated opinion regarding his position on not allowing any organisation such as the BNP airtime on British Radio.  Though I disagree with him, I respect his opinion, and I believe it is an opinion that many other people in the country may share.  It would be interesting to hear other peoples thoughts.

In conclusion, I would hope that the BNP's support dwindles and the major political parties focus on the issues that the electorate are, whether rightly or wrongly, focusing on.  This whole episode has hopefully been a wake up call to get more people engaging in politics and seeing what a mistake it was to get this man to represent us in the European Parliament.  We may object to listen to him witter on national TV for 60 minutes, but we've subjected our European neighbours to this mans opinions in his position as MEP on a regular basis.  Let's make everyone happy and make sure that the BNP representation of our country does not continue.