I've just finished reading The Children of the New Forest, by Captain Marryat.  It's a book that I feel quite a personal connection with as I read it at a fairly young age, and the first time reading it is still vivid in my mind.  The copy I read from the school library, and it looked like a bible as it was bound in hardback, with red leather and gold detailing.  I remeber being teased by people saying "Andy's reading the Bible!" and thinking that my retort, "No it's actually The Children of the New Forest by Captain Marryat" would deter the provocateurs.  How wrong I was!

I won't do a book review, but I find it amusing how over time the association I've had with certain characters has changed. The last two times I've read the book, probably 8 years ago and 16 years ago respectively, I've always empathised with Edward, having to lead from the front and act as a father figure, doing the active and powerful work.  However, this last time I've read it I realise that I'm now more like Humphrey, who does the work in the background that Edward clearly relies heavily upon - but doesn't grab the headlines or initiate conflict.

Have you read a book and come back to it years later to discover different character associations?  If so, please let me know the book and how your association between characters changed over the years.