I'm slightly retarded. I've come to this conclusion as I've just done something rather silly.

It's taken me about a week to work out how to top up my mobile phone. Part of the problem was that my card was getting declined (and I couldn't work out why) - anyhow, it was simply a wrong postcode. However, I couldn't find a place with an alternative route for topping up.

Well, this morning (after a nice night in Manchester with a few friends) I decided to try and check the o2 site. They had an online top up - I then entered my number and credit card details - top up successful.


Anyhow, 10 minutes later and still no credit on my phone. Strange. I checked the confirmation and it says:

Thank You, your £15 amount Top-Up request has been successful and will be applied to your phone.

This has been debited from account xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx on Sat 06 Jun at 10:48:27.

So, what do you notice is missing?  The actual number you've topped up.  Checking the autocomplete on my browser, I realised I'd topped up a horrible hybrid of a couple of different numbers - not my number.  Boo.

So, I tried to call o2 customer services, and needed to top up before I could get through.  FAIL.  So I called the guy, asked him not to spend the £15 - it wasn't his lucky day.. it was my bad luck.  He found it funny, and said he'd let me know when the balance was removed.

So I then phone o2, having now topped up my own mobile with another £15.  Cost me 25p.

I'm sorry, but once the credit has been paid for there is no way to refund a transaction.

Nice.  I have a nice long transaction ID for the transaction.  Surely they could use that.  Nope.  Poo Face.

So I phone the guy back to tell him it was his lucky day after all, and hoped that he'd use the £15 I'd just gifted him well.  Rather than a nice little ditty and a bit of a joke, I got his girlfriend/wife/partner/female person.

She needs to be taught now to use a phone, as she answered with it still in her bag, and I heard her say

"Oh, it's that guy that called you earlier... wonder what he wants? Should I bother answering?"

YES YOU SHOULD! She then said 'Hi' and I told her:

"Hi, it's Andy the guy that phoned earlier.  Well it must be your lucky day.  O2 have refused to refund me the top-up, so you get to keep it.  I hope you enjoy using my money. "

Her response - "right, bye."