I was recently handed a leaflet which had been produced by S.P.U.C (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children). It was a pretty basic leaflet, reflecting the funds that they have to spend on such materials.

Evidently in the UK, the Advertising Standards Agency are reviewing whether or not they should allow abortion to be advertised on TV. In my opinion, It'll be a bit of a watershed if it gets through.

I say this as TV is a broadcast medium. Messages on TV are broadcast unchecked, and the information is delivered to the audience whether or not they ask for it. Too many vulnerable young ladies who watch TV will then be subjected to biased information on the nature of abortion, and the affects that it has on both the physical and emotional state of that person. If abortion is the solution, then there are far more important questions to be asked than just 'Where do I get an abortion?' I'm all for freedom of information, and I believe that everyone should have the choice to make as to accessing the information, however, I object to the information being piped to our TV screens, when in reality something with as much consequence as an abortion should be dealt with at a personal level.

It saddens me to think that we should be allowing this in Britain. Just a few weeks ago in India I was told about a Billboard Advert over there. It is necessary for a family to pay a dowry to a husband as a 'thank you' for taking their daughter's hand in marriage. However, due to poverty and the traditionally high levels of said dowry, many families consider it a burden to have a female child. The advert went as follows:

"Spend 10,000 Rs. now [on an abortion] and save 1,000,000 Rs. later."

It is now illegal for Doctors to provide the parents with the gender of the baby - yet of all the children born in India, currently less than 20% are female.

Let's not go down the route of trivialising abortion, by allowing those who have the money to spend on the marketing to advertise to the young and vulnerable girls of Britain. Let this information be provided in a situation where the woman can fully understand the consequences of their decision.