It's come around very fast, but in a weeks time I'll be just about to land at heathrow, after a great trip to India.  I've done so much stuff since I've been here, and honestly believe that it's going to have a profound affect upon my character.  

The one thing that has really struck me is the moral arguments and reasoning that I've been forced to consider; though not necessarily directly affecting me - but people very close to me out here.  I know now to value social services much more than I currently do, and I already respect the NHS for providing me with fantastic healthcare in the few occasions that I've had need to call upon it for help.

After reading Nelson Mandela's autobiography last week, I made much of the link between S.A. and India in S.A's fight for equal rights and the abolition of apartheid.  There's so much political wrangling - especially now during the elections.  

I really hope I can come back to India.  It's a fantastic country, with lovely people.. just a shame that at the moment it's so hot!