I arrived back in India at 3.30 local time this morning, and immediately realised I'd made the right decision. I left Heathrow @ 9.20 on Tuesday morning, and once I was in the air and away from the UK the burden of work was lifted from my shoulders. It was a good feeling.

The night before my flight, I went with my Dad and brother to "Chimes Restaurant" near where my Dad's flat is. It's a charming little English restaurant, and the three of us enjoyed a great meal - and John managed to beat my Dad to the bill whilst he went for a short break to the little boys room. I think he liked that.

One of the things I was most looking forward to on the trip out to India is that money has been raised for a Jeep-like vehicle to transport the doctors and myself for use as a traveling clinic. The vehicle is so integral to the mid-term future of the project, that it was great to find out 4 weeks ago that the funding had been met.

Last night I found out that the funding which came in 4 weeks ago was from someone I knew very well, my Grandpa. Unfortunately in October he passed away, but he'd left money in his will and despite no family involvement, it's ended up being used on a vehicle that I'm going to be using.

It's these kind of small coincidences that really make me think that the right decision has been made in me coming out here.

Thanks Grandpa!