There are lots of issues that I'm semi-preparing myself for when I'm out in India. My attitude so far has been a 'laissez-faire' approach - whereby I'll solve problems as I come across them whilst out there. I think this is the only sane way for me to view the situation without overloading myself with ideas/problems/solutions.

The one good thing I don't have to worry about is that I do have an internet connection over in India - or at least will have at the main site. Whether or not I'll have one where I'll be living - I'm not yet sure. However, having read a little about Keryx - I'm pretty sure I'll have no issues.  It looks to be a very clever way of updating ubuntu computers without a network connection.

One of the other things I've been looking at this week is mesh networking - using olsrd I should be able to set up a mesh network covering the site for the clinic we're hoping to build.  Stuff like these are solutions for problems I'm not sure I yet face - but it's great to have a background knowledge of potential solutions - even if the problem has not yet been identified.

With this in mind, I urge you guys to please keep me up to date with any cool features or solutions you think could possibly have some use for me out in India.  I'm going to be setting up an instance of the ubuntu brainstorm software, but for people to publish solutions to actual problems that we face.  I'm not sure how much mileage is in it - but expect an announcement in the next couple of weeks with a site-launch!

I'm hoping people have ideas as random as DUMBO - they're Indian Elephants too!