In the last couple of weeks, twitter has really taken off in the UK, thanks to Jonathon Ross' coverage on his Friday Night show, and Phillip Scofield, Stephen Fry and others all using it.

DJs, such as Richard Bacon are using twitter, and using it as a way to communicate with their listeners.   However, some listeners aren't too happy, such as this chap: (quoted from the BBC Website)

Apologies firstly if this thread exists but I ssearch and couldn't find it.

Can anyone tell me why the BBC radio DJ's have gone bananas for Twitter suddenly - 2 years after it launched?  Richard bacon has turned the last 3 weeks of his show into an extended advert for Twitter and it's spread to others on Five Live and now Radio One and even when he;e on TV with Something for the Weekend.

If this kind of thing went on at  acommercial station, money would have had to change hands so can anyone explain what's going on.  I am so sick of it, I miss the way his show used to be without the constant Twitter this Twitter that stuff.

At the end of the day, twitter is a commercial entity, and should not receive the amount of support that the BBC are giving them. However, it's a great service, and lends itself to what the BBC journalists are using it for.

I thereby recommend they have a look at  It's 'micro-blogging' software which functions in a very similar manner to twitter, but would allow the BBC to set up their own service, without having to lend commercial support to an entity.  It's also used to power - a 'free' rival to twitter.  They'd have to think of a new name for the service though... what would you call it?