I'm off to India on the 24th March. Flights are booked, arrangements made, and mentally I'm there in the head. I've really enjoyed working at my current job, but that's soon to come to an end. However, I need to earn around £150 a month in India to cover my expenses and have a little bit extra. How do I do this?

My first idea was to continue to work in remote Linux administration. However, due to the sensitive nature of the PCI DSS servers I administer, and the fact they'd need to replace me with someone else.. the work just isn't there for me.

Today on twitter, @loudmouthman suggested I take a look at crossloop.com. I've set my hourly rater at £8 an hour, which is alot less that I'd normally charge - but out in India, that's going to be easily adequate. I'm hoping to do Linux, Mac and Windows Desktop Support - and build up a reputation. It'll even show my stats, allowing people to see the work I'm doing.

Part of my problem though, is that the majority of £s I'm earning are going to go directly to pay for my expenses. I'd like to make that clear on the crossloop page - but just writing a bit of text saying "I work for a charity" probably is going to make people suspicious.

What I'd like to do is access the stats through an XML feed or the like, so I could render graphs and targets - on the charity's site - so that people can see the reasons for the work I'm doing. Hopefully there's ways of doing this, and @loudmouthman has put me in touch with mrinal_desai on twitter. He's just tweeted @ me - so hopefully I can find a decent solution with his help.