I've had a bit of an upheaval over the new year. I've had a fantastic VPS for the last 12 months, but in the spirit of lowering my 'personal' online costs, I've moved what I can to 'free' services online, including moving the blog over to wordpress.com.

I hope that this doesn't adversely affect the performance, and hope that the recent DNS malarky (my own fault) is all cleared up and you can still get me on my old blog of http://blog.zrmt.com.

I've got some pretty big changes coming up, and this blog is hopefully going to become a fairly important part of that. My readership is widening out of just the tech sphere, so the posts are going to change to reflect that I think. However, I hope to continue to be active for some tech writing, or at least comment - as that's what's made the blog the most success.

Happy New Year to everyone in 2008, and I look forward to a busier year of blogging ahead.