After a great 13 months with Alan Pope at the helm, it's time to choose a new Ubuntu UK PoC.

I've enjoyed Alan's time as PoC, and have been able to work with him in his role on one project.  No doubt his contributions will continue even after he steps down as PoC.

There was discussion a while back, about what being a PoC is about.  In my opinion, a PoC defines his or her own role on the Community - but at the end of the day is seen as a figurehead for his or her Localised Community.

The Ubuntu UK community is a happy and well balanced one.  Under Alan's tenure, we have held together end enjoyed some grand release parties.  With Canonical residing in our Locality too, we even got a visit of Mr Shuttleworth.  Alas, I have not yet been there (time for me to setup events to areas outside of London).

I seriously considered running for the post myself, however, I don't feel like I have yet been active enough to consider a promise to be 'more active' to be anything more than use IRC _three_ times a day :)

However, I have a good relationship with one of the three runners, and am therefore going to endorse him running as Ubuntu UK PoC.

Dave Walker

I'm sure the other guys have a lot to offer too, but Daviey is someone who I've worked with in the past, and who I can see being a great walking advertisement for ubuntu (and that's not just down to the extra real-estate available on his t-shirts)...

Please take time to vote, for whoever you wish here: