Fantastic News.  The week before Christmas I'm hopefully heading out to India to help with a big Christmas Party for some kids in hospital.  It's something that my Dad is organising.. so hopefully I can post more details once I know what I'm doing and where exactly it is I am going.  

As I'm an uber geek, I'll work out which language these kids speak, and take my ubuntu laptop over there with that language pack installed. :)

Hopefully I can give these kids a great Christmas.  It's something that I've been hoping to do for a while, (as was the gist of my post only a few days ago,) and I've got to thank my Dad for giving me this (potential) chance to go over there this Christmas and 'Make a Difference.'

If anyone has got any more suggestions, or stuff they think would be useful to do out there, please let me know.  All I know at the moment is that I'll be heading out for about a week before Christmas.. Once I know what the exact situation is, I'll be able to ask for more specific suggestions!