Today I traveled from Macclesfield, Cheshire - to Harlow, Essex. Why? To watch the two teams do battle in the FA Cup, 1st round proper. It was a fairly interesting game to watch, Macc Town finishing 2-0 victors.

However, on the journey, I had my iPod in, and was listening to the #Ubuntu-UK Podcast, with Laura, Alan, Daviey and Tony. They began with a very long discussion on KDE.. and Alan saying that he was going to spend an entire development cycle using Kubuntu.. though he hadn't got round to it yet.


I use Ubuntu on my work PC, home laptop, and private VPS(s). I love the OS and it works wonders for me. I used to run Xubuntu on my old laptop, but since upgrading I've been getting away with bog-standard Ubuntu. :)

So I've decided to follow Alan's lead... though I think I may have beaten him to it. I intend to run Kubuntu for the entire intrepid release on my laptop. I've started today (9th Nov @ 00.00) and will be running Kubuntu for the foreseeable future. Hopefully I'll be able to submit some bug reports .etc and help out the Kubuntu community in general.

I started in Linux using KDE.. and made the switch to gnome (on Gentoo) when I started my first job. Soon after I was googling for Linux distros that used gnome as default; found Ubuntu; and the rest (as they say) is history.

So here I go on my Kubuntu journey. I'll need to switch stuff like mail over to K mail, Music over to amaroK.. but bear with me.. it could be an interesting ride :)