In 2000, the world watched as George W. Bush showed flagrant disregard for the American Democratic system and was able to install himself as an unelected US President, with the help of a few cronies in the media, and some others strategically placed at different levels of the administration in the voting system.  The most worrying thing for me, was not the fact that George W. Bush attempted it, but the apathy shown since the election.   No man stood up strong enough on the day to stand in-front of the metaphorical tank to prevent George W. Bush, and the scenes at his inauguration were unprecedented (pelted with eggs, and a mad dash in a car to the White House front door).

Eight years later, and Obama has been elected US president, the first Black American President.  However, you'll be pleased to know that this post isn't about _that_ vote, it's about the vote that's been going on for the last few months, and finally coming to a head in Liverpool tonight, 6th Nov 2008.

Rick Astley has one the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the MTV awards, beating

(That's actually the first time I've looked at the full line up... but I'll continue with the blog anyway)

Voting for Rick Astley was skewed, not just by the 'rickrolling' that amused so many people in 2008, but by a nice easy bit of javascript, used to process around 1 vote every three seconds. Run it in the background during office hours, and there's your winner.

With so many people using this 'hack' - Rick could be sure of winning.

So.. paper voting, and manual hand counting..

I'm never gonna give you up.