Writing howtos can be a great thing, or it can be a dangerous thing.  It's nice for people to spell out the pitfalls and reasonings behind certain decisions in a pretty standard process, but it's also a great was to fool onself that understanding a piece of software isn't necessary in order to use it well.  Sure, you can get away with a simple text editor without reading the instructions (though please ignore vi/emacs .etc).. but for more advanced software packages, there's nothing quite like reading the manual; and in some cases, people won't offer to help you out until you've shown a certain level of understading in the first place.

I've been meaning to write more howtos, as they're enjoyable to write, and very rewarding when people read them.  However, I want to be writing howtos that require a certain level of understanding on the part of the user, but also provide enough detail for 'educated' users to extend and improve.  That's what open source is all about, right?

Well, luckily for me there's a whole community of users also contributing.. hopefully when we pull together we'll get some good content up... in the meantime I'll put all posts up on the blog too :)