One thing that the British Media do best is to take a story and run with it. Sure, the take over that was announced on the 31st August has really put a spark into the club - the press talk about the 'enthusiasm' around the ground, and the irrelevant views of some ignorant fan saying he wants to stuff 'United' makes for really banal viewing. The reality is that City have access to this money, have used a little bit of it - but have yet 'developed' it. If someone gave me multiple billions to invest in a club like Macclesfield town with 24 hours left of the transfer window, I'd still not have been able to guarantee a win at Bournemouth yesterday. What City intend to do is build up the brand and reputation first - that's where the money is really going to be used.

Sir Alex Feguson got it spot on - just because Manchester City are the 'richest club in the world,' doesn't make them the biggest club in the world. As a city fan, I have no qualms in admitting that the aforementioned title belongs to our 'Red' neighbours. This is definitely got to be one of the reasons why Abu Dhabi Group bought Manchester City. They can use the 'Manchester' Brand - already famous for it's music, and 'Manchester United' to also push Manchester City in foreign markets. With Mr Cook in charge, we'll hopefully come up with a better plan than allowing Sun Ji Hai to run around the football field to tap into the Chinese market.

After defeat to Chelsea yesterday, the media were ready to jump onto the backs of the Manchester City fans, ridiculing them for believing that the money could buy them success. Luckily, the mainstream media can be safely ignored. (Read blogs instead). Manchester City have a fantastic youth setup, five minutes from my front door. They've turned out graduates like Sean Wright-Phillips, Micah Richards, & Michael Johnson. The camaraderie of maturing through the ranks of the club provides a unique team spirit. Manchester United were able to capitalise on this with their Golden Era of Scholes, Neville(s) Beckham .etc - Aside from an off-the-cuff comment in an interview with Mark Bowen, Mark Hughes' assistant at City - all the signs have been that City will continue to invest in their academy.

The other good thing that I see continuing is City as a 'community club' - Manchester City have only recently moved from a stadium that was 'with the people.' In a recent article on BBC news, Mihir Bose states that the main reason that football clubs have lost touch with their community is because the way in which fans travel to the stadium has changed. "The people that now live close to the stadium are more-often-than-not ethnic minorities with no interest in football." Manchester's new 'Eastlands Stadium' may be a litter further away that it was before, but I still manage to get there walking. It's a great club, and great community - and I'm proud to be a part of a club which will soon enjoy some level of success.