I sent a message to Rory Cellan-Jones on deadline day, asking that the BBC's "Live Text Feed" be made available as a RSS feed - so that rather than having to stay on the page and continually refresh, RSS messages could pop up in my chosen reader with any new developments.  What a simple - Web 2.0 idea.  However, this isn't the kind of thing that the BBC can implement in a few hours, so I ended up watching Sky Sports News instead.

The other thing that disapoints me about the BBC is their coverage of the lower leagues in Rugby Union - I'm sure others of you are also fed up that your particular sport isn't that well covered by the BBC.  Today, I was watching the F1, and with gwibber (a twitter/identi.ca client) open on my laptop, I started updating my 'feed' with the latest in the F1 race.  Sure, I didn't provide a particularly insightful commentary, but the feed was available for people to read - although they could also quite easily stick on ITV for terrestrial coverage.

However, there are lots of sports events that don't get the coverage required by the fans.  I'm thinking of setting up some kind of central 'hub' to which fans can subscribe to, in order to get updates about their particular sporting event.  Given that 'tweets' are by default short enough to type in a simple text-message, you could suddenly turn a non-league football match into a hive of community-commentators, with views from both sides evenly expressed.

Of course, this thing isn't going to take off right away - and if someone knows of a site that already does this sort of thing, then I'd love to know.  If you too want to work on this sort of project, please get in touch.  Knowledge of Django/Laconica/Twitter - even better!