It was easier than I thought to write my first django application, especially as I was using solely the administration interface as the front end.  I didn't need to touch the or to get things working the way they should.  In my opinion (and my clients) that's a fantastic result.

So now, rather than let my skillset rest like that, I've decided to become a little more adventurous.  I'm in the design stage of a django+facebook application.  I'm wary about linking myself directly to facebook, so the application will have a 'core' element (where all the logic will sit) and a 'web' and 'fb' app, for handling the two interfaces, respectively.

This wonderful solution came from a guy called Will Larson, who blogged here.  It's a great little article, on how to easily access the facebook api, using pyfacebook - but without the pyfacebook middleware.  Although there may not be technical benefit in doing this, from an educational perspective I can immediately see how he accesses the API and how I can quite easily start to manipulate it myself, using FQL (Facebook Query Language).

I'm a little apprehensive, as I want to get the design right.  I'm really looking forward to jumping into this project for a couple of hours a day, and seeing it evolve.  I'm going to be putting all the code up on my bzr repo (football) - but I hope that in the not-so-distant future someone will poke me and ask to link it to Launchpad, so they can help too.  However, this is a learning project for me, so I hope to do most of it myself, and understand all of it.  I'll probably put a clause in the license that unless your code is commented enough for me to understand it.. you're-outta-here.  Reckon that'll work?