Now I've got the bug for a bit of coding (pardon the expression) - I thought it best to set up my own publically viewable bzr repo.  Launchpad is a great platform for collaboration, but I feel like some of the stuff I'm working on doesn't belong on Launchpad.  The projects I'm planning to work on have a shelf life of about a week, so I don't want to clutter up Launchpad until I know I have an applications that others will want to collaborate on.  With bzr, when that time comes, it'll be easy to do.

So today, I spent a whole 10 minutes (I was amazed at how easy it was) setting up my bzr branch..  it's up at (using Launchpad's very same loggerhead browser).

If you want to check out the code, or branch it.  I'd recommend just dropping me an email for now.. I'll link it to Launchpad so that we can all contribute the code to the same codebase.. after all.. that's what it's all about.