Today Boris Johnson has told the BBC he plans to make sure that the 2012 Olympics is under-budget.  With £9.6 billion currently set-aside, there's plenty of room to make the Olympics a success.

Whilst only being a small part of the overall budget, Boris should push to 'Open Source' the IT development required for the games.  Just think of all the useful things that the Olympic management need to do using their IT system.  Well, Open Source it and you've got a legacy there already.  Each of the different 'modules' for managing different things can be re-used.  Great!

The other approach is to open source all aspects of the games management.  Blog what works, what doesn't.  Access a massive pool of 'free' talent by sharing solutions and problems.  Make sure it's not just London who are going to benefit from the olympics.  Create in effect a 'shared' knowldgebase, that future countries can use as the basis to their Olympic preparation.  As we've learnt from China, we're probably not going to beat them on the wow-scale.. but we can beat them in what we give as freedoms to other countries.  Something that I'm sure will resonate with the political minded.

And of course, we can do 'better IT.'