I am a free software developer. I help develop open source software, because I believe it can be the best software. Whilst I subscribe to many (but not all) the ideas of the Free Software Foundation; I choose open source development because I think the process of open development produces the best, and most powerful software. It also promotes digital freedom - something that I think is lacking in our current transitionary phase to a 'digitised world'.

My main gripe is not with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or other Software Oligarchs - it is with the lack of progress being made on the definition of "digital rights." One has to imagine the digital world as a direct replica of our own - a parallel digital universe (if you will). If our rights are not correctly defined in this new universe, then the potential growth and benefit of this newly created digital world will be stifled.

There are a number of individuals who have fought to protect our freedoms; however, it will soon be up to the masses to decided upon our digital freedom. Unless liberated from the stranglehold of proprietary vendors, many consumers will have little relevant experience to make a choice. If one only ever experiences one reality - one can only believe/accept one reality. By giving the consumer an alternate reality to believe in, we can empower the consumer to make a free choice.

I don't want to force people to not use proprietary vendors - I just want to make them aware of the choice, and help them regain their freedom.